Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Microsoft Delenda Est! (Microsoft must be destroyed!)

Microsoft Delenda Est.

Microsoft must be destroyed is the translation. At which point, you ask, why should we destroy one of the most successful companies, a jewel of the free enterprise system, a company that employees thousands, who's success has made millionaires out of a lot of people, a company that has a wide range of customers how depend on it, and a company that pays millions of dollars in taxes each year?

It's simple. Microsoft, the company, is a parasite, one which is sucking the life out of the computer OEMS that it supplies. Microsoft is a success due to an accident of history, not due to the quality of it's products, the hard work of it's employees, or the inspiration of the founder. Microsoft exists by blocking the adoption of competitive products by it's customers, not by building a better mouse trap.

And as a parasite, it's doing untold damage to our economy. It's acting like a boat anchor, causing a drag which will slow our recovery from the current recession, directly harming everyone who lives in the United States.

Ah, you say, but Microsoft was charged as being a monopoly by the Justice Department, and has been monitored by the courts ever since. Well, yes, Microsoft was charged and found guilty. Due to their philosophical beliefs the George W. Bush Administration instructed the Justice Department to back off on enforcement when the Administration came into office in early 2001. Since then, the Justice Department has seemed more like cheerleaders for the company, a convicted monopolist, than a probation officer. In fact the Justice Department has even written to the European Commissioner for Competition, Nellie Kroes, asking the the EU not take action against the company, when an EU court had reached the same conclusion as a US court, that Microsoft is a monopoly, and has used it's position as a monopoly to prevent competition in the market.

I intend to go into detail in further posts as to why it is in the best interest of the United States to revoke the company's charter. Yes, the government can revoke a corporate charter. It isn't done often now, but the government still has the legal powers and rights to do this.

Oh, and if you believe me? Don't buy Microsoft products. Let the company know you aren't happy with them, by voting with your wallet.


  1. But as a small business, we need to buy the Windows operating system don't we. For computability, stability, and ease of use? And Apple are just way to expensive.

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  3. You're not the only one unhappy with MS.

    microsoft must be destroyed.

    They consume so many small companies with buy-outs. Their business model is flawed and will not dominate the mobile market. It's sad that it's taking so long but open source shall prevail.